Weird Worlds for Windows returns!

From out of the Purple Void it comes, tentacles searching….with an update, a crazy sale and a new low price!

Shipshape and starbound with a spiffy new version 1.30 update, Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space, the original award-winning space science fiction roguelike-like, is back on sale beginning on December 3 via IndieGameStand.

This initial, very special “pay what you want” offer is available for four days (December 3 – December 6) and includes a massive Infinite Space game pack featuring fan favorite mods, all versions of the original Strange Adventures in Infinite Space game, the unsupported Weird Worlds for Mac (Pre-Lion OS X) game and lots more.

After the IGS sale, Weird Worlds will be immediately available from Desura and soon, Steam and other fine game portals, for a new low price of $9.99.

Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space is a hybrid roguelike game of space exploration, adventure and starship combat set within a peculiar region of the Milky Way galaxy known as the Purple Void.

Each time Weird Worlds is played, a new and different “instant space opera” is generated (star systems, nebulae, black holes, planets, alien races, starships, lifeforms, artifacts, quests, etc., are intelligently randomized), but unlike other games of its roguelike kind that go on for dozens of hours, it plays to its conclusion in less than thirty minutes. (Tip: Weird Worlds is the perfect lunch break game.)

Features also include a fully animated star map, a unique turn-based movement system, real-time starship battles (naval/Wrath of Khan style), full color hi-res graphics, award-winning music and sound, mod friendliness and a robust battle simulator.

Be sure to visit Weird Worlds on Facebook. Stop by, say hi to friends across the cyberverse, and help us celebrate the re-release of a terrific space game.  See you there!



Hi Mantari – Each time you start a new game everything is randomized, including the chances of rare and ultrarare encounters and events. That way it’s the player who decides the path and makes up the story, and every game is different.


I’m hoping that Infinite Space 3: Sea of Stars is going to have a randomizer built in.


Hi Rolfe,

The main update in the version 1.30 is that the OpenAL based sound engine has been replaced by the Eelmix system used in our newer games. It provides a much nicer sound quality (OpenAL would often have repeating clicks and pops on some hardware). There are also a few bug fixes, among them the last known crash bug that would sometimes occur when you start the game.

We are working on getting the game running on Mac again. The old version, when it was made, was set up to use the Rosetta emulation on Intel-based Macs and run natively on PowerPC. OS X Lion removed the Rosetta component from the operating system, so we need to re-port the game.

The iPad version was not made by us, so we don’t have much control over it. I believe it’s also Apple’s policy not to allow user-made mods for games (or so I have heard).

We do have plans, of course. Infinite Space is a universe that is always expanding, and there’s no doubt we will eventually go back to it. Readers of this website will be the first to know if we announce a new Infinite Space title!

Rolfe Bergstrom

Long-time WW:RTIS player and modder here. I’ve got four questions:

1) What’s new in the version 1.30? You mention there’s an update, but no details or change list.

2) Sad to see that the Mac version is no longer supported. Any hopes of seeing that change in the future?

3) Last I checked, the iPad version couldn’t run mods. Is that likely to be fixed any time?

4) Any plans for a sequel or expansion?

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