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  1. Sales, sales and more sales!

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    We’re in the middle of winter. That’s why it’s called a Winter Sale. So what to do? Well, kick back and beat the rush! Yes!

    Check out what’s on sale at The Humble Store and note the big discounts on our award-winning space roguelikes Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space (only 99 cents) and its sequel, Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars (only $2.49)!

    SAD? Got the whiteout blues? Get gaming, and get ’em HERE and HERE, and explore the galaxy instead. Hang out with disgusting aliens. Blow up stuff where no one has blown up stuff before. You get the idea.

    Don’t forget, when you purchase a game from the Humble Store, you support charities like Make a Wish, the American Red Cross, Save the Children and Worldreader, so please “engage!” today. There’s a larger mission here.

    Ripcord out.