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  1. Steam Holiday Sale

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    Seasons greetings from Digital Eel! Weird Worlds Well, it’s that time of the year again. The wind is chilly, the snow is flying and the Steam Holiday Sale is on! Beginning today, Thursday, December 19, until Thursday, January 2nd, Weird Worlds (space!), Data Jammers (arcade!) and Brainpipe (??!!) are discounted by 50%-75%, which means you can explore the galaxy, prowl twisting bitstreams and invade your own brain (!) for less than the cost of a meal at Back in the Box. Please note that ALL Digital Eel games are alien tested and approved for kids, teens, adults and squid creatures from Bellatrix VII. Feeling festive? Who isn’t! Each Digital Eel game makes the perfect virtual stocking stuffer for your perfect virtual stocking. Whatever that means. Happy Krimble!

  2. Sea of Stars update – November

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    There’s always something happening with Sea of Stars each week, and November was no exception. ¬†Go here to read about new developments and see some new images from the game as well.