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  1. Steam Summer Sale = Space game time!

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    Well, spring sprung a while ago now. Summer has finally arrived (no kidding Sherlock, it’s hot out here!). Time for beaches, family picnics, ball games, fireworks, traffic (!) and, beginning today, the spectrum of groovy games on sale from Steam, including Digital Eel’s fantabulous space roguelikes. Get ready to engage!

    (You know the phrase: Get ’em all! Hey, there’s only two, and at prices so low–66% off!–that you’ll actually want to give Digital Eel more money for them! Unfortunately the system doesn’t work that way, so just feel free to take the games and run.)

    So, from today (June 22) until the 5th of July, Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space and its sequel, Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars, are fast-food cheap for your summer purchasing pleasure. Also note that Digital Eel’s award-winning Brainpipe: A Plunge to Unhumanity and Data Jammers: FastForward are now free and available from Steam as well.

    Meanwhile, stay cool. Play a great game in air-conditioned comfort.*

    Ripcord out.

    *Air-conditioning unit not included in price.