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  1. And lo! ‘Tis the Steam Holiday Sale

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    Beginning today, Tuesday, December 22, and continuing until Monday, January 4th, INFINITE SPACE III: SEA OF STARS (new!), WEIRD WORLDS: RETURN TO INFINITE SPACE (space!), DATA JAMMERS: FASTFORWARD (arcade!) and BRAINPIPE: A PLUNGE TO UNHUMANITY (??!!) have each been joyfully discounted (25%-50% OFF) and are available for your holiday bemusement from Steam!

    Please note that ALL Digital Eel games are alien-tested and approved for KIDS, TEENS, ADULTS and the Bellatrix IV HIVE MIND.

  2. Sea of Stars v1.1.0 update: mod support, new content and FTL fun!

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    Seasons greetings from the Purple Void!

    To celebrate the traditional Terran solstice festival, Digital Eel is proud to announce a great new update for Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars!

    The new version 1.1.0 introduces totally revamped mod support with a handy browser for launching mods, and now lets mod makers access the built-in editing tools that we used to make content for the game.

    We have also added new content to the game in the form of a new special quest featuring a special guest, the notorious Tiberian swamp pirate Arch Fenster! Oh, and just possibly a ship from that other space roguelike-like game created by one of our Kickstarter backers may make an appearance!*

    For all of our Steam fans, this update just keeps on giving by adding over fifty achievements, as well as Steam trading cards, badges (not steenking), profile backgrounds and emoticons!

    Sea of Stars will be updated to the new version on Friday (today), December 18. Get it from STEAM, IndieGameStand (DRM-free) or the Humble Store (Steam or DRM-free). Non-DRM users may download a v1.1.0 Windows patch HERE.

    May the Star-Krampus be gentle!

    Iikka, Rich and the Sea of Stars gang

    *Discover and command the Kestrel from FTL!