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  1. Feeling locked down? Unleash your inner Goblin Slayer!

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    Update: Goblin Slayer Third Edition, Digital Eel’s fantasy-themed 2-player board game, has been released. Asymmetrical combat underground between one hero character and an endless horde of nasty goblins. Use brawn or brains to regain the stolen treasure for the Dwarven King. Check out Goblin Slayer now!

    Note: Artist Denis Loubet’s 40″x40″ Steel Demon canvas is available here. The Steel Demon is seen in Digital Eel’s space roguelike, Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars, and is known as the Chromium Gong.

    Meanwhile, please use the Digital Eel main site. All content here will remain but new information will be posted on the main Digital Eel news page. Bookmark it for future visits.

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