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  1. It’s Steam Summer Sale time!

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    Isn’t summer grand! BUT before you head out to the beach or campground, be sure to stock up on lots of Digital Eel games, and this is the very best way! Remember the old adage? He who seeks, obtains. Well, thanks to Steam, all Digital Eel games are discounted this week to make obtaining them…a snap (or a click even). Plus, they’re irresistible! (Not to mention gluten-free.)

    First up is Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars (33% OFF) which is a Steam Early Access game–this means it is a “work in progress,” but allows you to own and help playtest the game before its full release. Also available are Sea of Stars’s precursor, Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space (50% OFF), the innovative and award winning space SF roguelike hybrid, Data Jammers: FastForward (50% OFF), a retro-styled 3D racing and destruction “arcade” game, and Brainpipe: A Plunge to Unhumanity (50% OFF), the original, and award winning, mind bending psychedelic arcade game that “changed little Billy.”

    Thanks to Steam for putting on a heck of a sale, and thanks to you all for checking out and supporting Digital Eel games!