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  1. Infinite Space Sells Out and Stays Humble

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    The Humble Store is open and the sale is on! For the next two weeks you can get Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space for $1.69 and its sequel Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars, for $3.49. This is a pretty cool deal. Consider: given the “infinite” nature of roguelike play, these prices are negligible–next to nothing–and yet, Digital Eel still gets paid. Additionally, 10% of proceeds go to charity. How cool is that?!

    Sea of Stars continues the space roguelike series that started it all. Weird Worlds, its precursor, is the IGF award-winning space roguelike that pioneered the category. (Its precursor, Strange Adventures in Infinite Space, itself an IGF finalist, was the first hybrid space roguelike game.)

    In an Infinite Space roguelike, stars, planets, alien homeworlds, fleets, space stations, creatures, passengers, allies, equipment, artifacts, and special events and quests, are randomized each time the game is played. There’s more “stuff” than can be seen in a single session, so it takes several games to see it all. This all adds up to immense replayability.

    Another noteable feature is that these games are designed to be played to completion in one sitting. A full session of Weird Worlds might take only 30 minutes to finish. This prevents the frustration felt in old school roguelikes when a beloved character dies suddenly after 15 hours of play. In Sea of Stars, if your fleet perishes, you want to try again right away!

    If SF space adventure is your thing, and you want to imagine, to feel, the experience of a heroic star spanning saga–but you only have the lunch hour, Weird Worlds and Sea of Stars are sure to provide the quick fix you need. That, and dual-mounted particle vortex cannons, of course.

  2. PAIRS: Infinite Space is here!

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    Time for all moon mutants and interstellar aliens to party! PAIRS: Infinite Space, the first of two new Digital Eel card game releases, just warped in!

    If you haven’t heard of it, you’re in for some fun– PAIRS is a pub game created by James Ernest and Paul Peterson of Cheapass Games. It uses a simple triangular deck of cards: that’s 1×1, 2×2, 3×3, and so on all the way to 10×10. PAIRS is lightweight, entertaining, and a perfect way to decide who pays for the next round of Tiberian Moonshine.

    PAIRS: Infinite Space joins the growing family of PAIRS decks, and features starships from the universe of Digital Eel’s space roguelikes, a series that began with Strange Adventures in Infinite Space, originally published by Cheapass Games in 2002. PAIRS: Infinite Space also adds the unique Damocles rule.

    PAIRS: Infinite Space is fast, fun and legal in most sectors, and you need a copy today!

    Note: All rules are included on card #56. To see how the basic game works, check out this quick demo video by James Ernest.