PAIRS: Infinite Space is here!

Time for all moon mutants and interstellar aliens to party! PAIRS: Infinite Space, the first of two new Digital Eel card game releases, just warped in!

If you haven’t heard of it, you’re in for some fun– PAIRS is a pub game created by James Ernest and Paul Peterson of Cheapass Games. It uses a simple triangular deck of cards: that’s 1×1, 2×2, 3×3, and so on all the way to 10×10. PAIRS is lightweight, entertaining, and a perfect way to decide who pays for the next round of Tiberian Moonshine.

PAIRS: Infinite Space joins the growing family of PAIRS decks, and features starships from the universe of Digital Eel’s space roguelikes, a series that began with Strange Adventures in Infinite Space, originally published by Cheapass Games in 2002. PAIRS: Infinite Space also adds the unique Damocles rule.

PAIRS: Infinite Space is fast, fun and legal in most sectors, and you need a copy today!

Note: All rules are included on card #56. To see how the basic game works, check out this quick demo video by James Ernest.

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