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  1. Digital Eel presents Infinite Space Battle Poker (Kickstarter campaign)

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    The best of both worlds, Infinite Space Battle Poker plays like Poker and fights like a starship combat game. Choose any Poker variant you wish; five card draw, seven card stud, even Texas Hold ‘Em or our favorite, Anaconda. Then vie for control of the tabletop, er, Infinite Space, with an array of starship types, alien races, mercenaries, leaders and rare artifacts, like the ship-shattering Chromium Gong!

    Infinite Space Battle Poker is drawn from the universe of the Infinite Space computer games: Strange Adventures in Infinite Space, Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space and Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars.

    The game features card artwork by Iikka Keranen, JP Farquar and Denis Loubet. The cards will be manufactured by USPCC, the maker of Bicycle brand playing cards, and will feature their famous Air-Cushion finish.

    Please join our Kickstarter campaign to help make Infinite Space Battle Poker happen in an excellent way. We’ve had a blast with the playtest decks but now we want to let everyone in on the fun with quality cards and decks made to last.

    The Infinite Space Battle Poker Kickstarter campaign begins today and continues for one month. Check out the pledge page for more information and splendid rewards!

    Check updates HERE. (Final, August 16)

  2. Digital Eel’s Brainpipe and Data Jammers games are now FREE

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    As part of our celebrating Digital Eel’s 15 year anniversary on Sunday, we’ve decided to make our games Brainpipe: A Plunge to Unhumanity and Data Jammers: FastForward absolutely FREE!

    Brainpipe is an award-winning arcade game described as being a “zen-inducing trip that will blow your mind” and “like having sex with Yog Sothoth.” Kewl.
    Get Brainpipe: A Plunge to Unhumanity FREE from Steam, IndieGameStand (DRM-free) and (DRM-free).

    Jammers is what could happen if Hot Wheels met Tron: twisty racing and destruction in a retro wireframe world. A short and sweet arcade BLaST. Watch out for those gliding eyeballs!
    Get “Data Jammers: FastForward” FREE from Steam, IndieGameStand (DRM-free) and (DRM-free).

    More celebrating to come, so watch the skies!