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Weird Worlds now available at the Humble Store

It is only with the utmost humility that Digital Eel modestly announces:
Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space is now available at the Humble Store!

10 light years and going strong, Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space continues to transport players to the deepest, strangest regions of the galaxy. Meantime, thanks to the Humble Store for believing in the game and for helping to continue the adventure! (There are still many space-happy gamers in orbit who haven’t heard of Weird Worlds.)

Here’s a cool thing: the Humble Store gives 10% of proceeds to charity. These are the good guys, folks. So be sure to check out Weird Worlds at the Humble Store. It’s more fun than earthlings should be allowed to have!

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Sea of Stars development update #26

Greetings, Earthlings! The latest Sea of Stars update adds several new randomly occurring events, as well as other content and UI improvements. We’re particularly fond of the new fire arc display that makes combat look at least 93% more futuristic! (Fire arcs display weapon coverage and range.) Check out the complete change list at the Steam Community site here.

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Sea of Stars Update – 3/9/2015

Hello, space cadets! Today’s Sea of Stars update brings you perhaps the most alien of all the alien races in the game so far – the Ravians. Their take on starships and weapon technology is certainly unique – I think you’ll be surprised and delighted! They are also featured in a major quest that can randomly occur. Other notable additions include the Hyperdrive, a device that provides an alternative way to travel between stars.

We have also released a brand new trailer video, showing off all the new additions to the game since the previous one. The variety of content that now exists in the game really makes a huge difference! Check it out below.

On Mac OS X front, we have some good news – Henry now has a version of the game running on the Mac! We’re planning to release it as soon as possible after the Windows version reaches 1.0.

For all full change lists and discussion about the game, check out the Steam Community Board!

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Begone, Old Man Winter

Here’s a roasty toasty deal from Digital Eel!

With a little help from IndieGameStand, ALL Digital Eel games–Data Jammers: FastForward (arcade; PC), Brainpipe: A Plunge to Unhumanity (arcade; PC/Mac), Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space (hybrid roguelike; PC/Mac) and Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars Early Access (hybrid roguelike; PC)–are 50% OFF from Tuesday, February 17th, until Sunday, February 22nd.

Be sure to click the game links for full descriptions and feature lists, screenshots, reviewer comments, teaser videos and more!

Deep space, cyberspace, brain-space, game-space! Explore the otherworldly weirdness (otherweirdly worldness?) of Digital Eel games!

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Sea of Stars development update #24

We have a new update out for Sea of Stars, bringing in all kinds of goodies. There are improvements to the interface and overall gameplay polish, as well as new content. (Thunderbucket?!) Get the details HERE.

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