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Protagon, Sea of Stars & Weird Worlds are 50% off during the STEAM Autumn Sale

Hey pilgrims, it’s time for the STEAM Autumn Sale. Check out the turkey. It’s stuffed with Digital Eels!

Protagon VR is 50% off!
NEW! Pinball meets zero-G mini-golf in virtual reality.
Just $4.99!
Download and share Sotiris Gougousis’s Protagon theme song here.

Sea of Stars is 50% off!
The space roguelike series that started it all continues!
Only $4.99!

Weird Worlds is 50% off!
The award-winning “lunchbreak roguelike” of interstellar adventure.
Just $2.49!


The STEAM Autumn Sale runs from November 22 through November 28.

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It’s (Space) Time for the Humble Store Fall Sale!

With the holidays fast approaching, beat the rush and check out what’s on sale at the Humble Store, including 50% OFF on award-winning Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space, and its out-of-this-world sequel, Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars! (Get ’em HERE and HERE.) Don’t forget, when you purchase a game from the Humble Store, you support charities like Make a Wish, the American Red Cross, Save the Children and Worldreader, so the “holiday spirit” actually begins today.

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Protagon arrives from Digital Eel

Big news! Digital Eel is happy to announce that our new virtual reality game has been released on Steam!

Protagon is a casual game designed from the ground up for the SteamVR experience. It blends concepts from mini-golf and pinball with an intuitive VR interface.

Just pull the handle on the ball, aim and release to launch it into the zero-gravity course! Can you make it under par? Each “hole” or level introduces new twists, obstacles and game mechanics to keep you challenged.

To complete your immersion in the unique world of Protagon, the game features hand-drawn background art by Iikka Keränen and awesome soundscapes created by Rich Carlson (both of the IGF award-winning Digital Eel), and original theme music by Sotiris Gougousis.

Get Protagon here.

Get the Protagon theme music by Sotiris Gougousis here. The track is free to download and share.

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Steam Summer Sale = Space game time!

Well, spring sprung a while ago now. Summer has finally arrived (no kidding Sherlock, it’s hot out here!). Time for beaches, family picnics, ball games, fireworks, traffic (!) and, beginning today, the spectrum of groovy games on sale from Steam, including Digital Eel’s fantabulous space roguelikes. Get ready to engage!

(You know the phrase: Get ’em all! Hey, there’s only two, and at prices so low–66% off!–that you’ll actually want to give Digital Eel more money for them! Unfortunately the system doesn’t work that way, so just feel free to take the games and run.)

So, from today (June 22) until the 5th of July, Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space and its sequel, Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars, are fast-food cheap for your summer purchasing pleasure. Also note that Digital Eel’s award-winning Brainpipe: A Plunge to Unhumanity and Data Jammers: FastForward are now free and available from Steam as well.

Meanwhile, stay cool. Play a great game in air-conditioned comfort.*

Ripcord out.

*Air-conditioning unit not included in price.

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It’s Springtime for Space Games!

Spring has sprung, the Humble Store is open and the sale is on! For the next two weeks you can get Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space and its sequel, Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars, for only $2.49 each. (You won’t find a better deal this side of the Kuiper Belt!) Also note that 10% of all Humble Store proceeds go to charity*.

Sea of Stars continues the space roguelike series that started it all. Weird Worlds, its precursor, is the IGF award-winning space roguelike that pioneered the category. (Its progenitor, Strange Adventures in Infinite Space, itself an IGF finalist, was the first hybrid space roguelike game.)

In an Infinite Space roguelike, stars, planets, alien homeworlds, fleets, space stations, creatures, passengers, allies, equipment, artifacts, and special events and quests, are randomized each time the game is played. There’s more “stuff” than can be seen in a single game, so it takes several times through to experience it all. This adds up to immense replayability.

Another noteable feature is that these games are designed to be played to completion in one sitting. A full session of Weird Worlds might take only 30 minutes to finish. This prevents the frustration felt in old school roguelikes when a beloved character dies suddenly after 15 hours of play. In Sea of Stars, if your fleet perishes, you want to try again right away!

If SF space adventure is your bag, and you want to experience a heroic star-spanning saga–but you only have the lunch hour, Weird Worlds and Sea of Stars are sure to provide the quick fix you need. That and dual-mounted particle vortex cannons too, of course. Zzzzap!

Ripcord out.

*If you’d like to contribute directly to our favorite charity, RIF (Reading Is Fundamental), please visit the RIF website here.

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All Quiet in the Purple Void

Quiet for now, even as Digital Eel readies new facilities. Nothing special just new workspaces and workstations as well as room for VR research and development. Strange new worlds to explore and all that. Look for announcements of at least two new Digital Eel projects very soon.

Ripcord out.

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And Lo! ‘Tis the Steam holiday sale!

Seasons Greetings from Digital Eel!

When there’s a nip in the air, snowflakes are dancing happily on the tip of your nose and you hear the jingling sound of Santa’s sleighbells, you know it’s either time to check in to the local nuthouse, or it’s time for the Steam holiday sale. Fortunately, you are not insane.

Beginning today, Thursday, December 22nd, and continuing until Wednesday, January 4th, INFINITE SPACE III: SEA OF STARS (fully patched and updated) and WEIRD WORLDS: RETURN TO INFINITE SPACE (the hybrid space roguelike that started it all) have been joyfully discounted (Ho ho ho!) and are available for your holiday bemazement from Steam.

Pro tip: Digital Eel games are the perfect relaxation activity for the inevitable after-meal digestive torpor.

Please note that Digital Eel games are alien-tested and approved for KIDS, TEENS, ADULTS and all reasonably intelligent LIFEFORMS across the galaxy.

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It’s a November Surprise! Infinite Space Battle Poker is here!

Digital Eel is pleased to announce the release of Infinite Space Battle Poker, a new hybrid cardgame that plays like poker but fights like a clash between alien starships. Want to know more?

Choose any poker variant that ends with a five card showdown, like five card draw, or stud, or our favorite, Anaconda (a point scoring system is also included). Then vie for control of Infinite Space–well, the card table, anyway–with an array of starships, alien leaders, mercenaries, enemies–even alien artifacts, like the ship-shattering Chromium Gong.

Obviously, these aren’t merely space-themed ordinary cards. Infinite Space Battle Poker is a whole new, unique deck.

Infinite Space Battle Poker features starships, characters and items drawn from the universe of the Infinite Space computer games: Strange Adventures in Infinite Space, Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space and, particularly, Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars.

You can order Infinite Space Battle Poker for $9.99 HERE. (Add $1.00 for a clear plastic deckbox.) Remember, if it worked for Prince Arcturus, it can work for you!

Infinite Space Battle Poker card artwork and layout are by Iikka Keranen, JP Farquar and Denis Loubet. The cards are manufactured by DriveThruCards.

Please note: Special eel hugs and heartfelt thanks go out to all of the fine folks who supported the ISBP Kickstarter campaign!

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