Sea of Stars v1.1.2 update released

Today’s update brings a slew of improvements. The most visible among them is an entirely new step-by-step tutorial that guides you through the various user interfaces in the game. Full change list below:

+ New “How to Play” tutorial sequence, replaces old tutorial mode
+ Added mouseover “tool tip” on ship palette in combat
+ Fighter icons are now a different size from ships
+ Home worlds and special places now play music when you go back
+ Added a rare special encounter, “Vortex Beast”
+ Additional script functions for timed events
+ Star map filter buttons retain state in between games
+ Moved hard-coded UI strings to english.txt
+ Improved Pirate insignia
+ Fixed crash on fleeing carriers
+ Fixed fleeing carriers launching fighters when off the map
+ Fixed carriers launching fighters while cloaked
+ Fixed placeholder graphics on Muktian fighter bay
+ Fixed Klakar nest graphic not showing up if egg raid quest is active

Get the v1.1.2 patch for the DRM-free Windows version HERE.

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