Sea of Stars update – September 2013

Hi everyone, it’s been a little while since we last released a video update, so you’re getting one now!

While we have been creating more art and content, I’ve been busy getting actual game systems running under the hood. The universe you explore on the star map is now actually populated with alien empires you can run into and get in fights with. Transitioning between the star map and combat modes now works, although the presentation is still in a rough state. There are some cool systems already operating that will allow the aliens (as well as Terrans) to develop new technologies over time, and upgrade their ships.

The mod editor now includes an editor for the procedural materials that we previously had to edit in script files. This will make it easier to create materials for planets as well as the alien races whose fleets aren’t done yet. Being able to edit the material definitions on the fly allows faster iteration and encourages experimentation.

Our immediate goal is to now produce a playable beta version with reduced content, but all the core gameplay features. Basically, get the game running with the assets we have so we can start collecting feedback from testers including Kickstarter backers in the $25+ tiers. More details to come in the next update!

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