Sea of Stars Update – October 2013

Hello, everyone. Unfortunately, we have to start this update with some bad news. Last month, our friend and art team member David Cash passed away after a long battle with chronic illness which he kept private from everyone. Rich and I have known Dave since we worked at Ion Storm in the late 1990’s. He will be missed.

On the game itself, the video shows some new features like the hyperwave radar screen and multi-body systems. Sea of Stars will still only have one “primary” planetary body per system for you to explore (to keep the gameplay brisk), but moons and asteroid belts will add visual interest to special locations.

Things have been a bit slower than I had hoped lately, and we’re not ready to announce a date for the release of a beta version yet. We are, however, just about ready to start delivering some of the other reward goodies for those backers in the $50 tier and above.

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