Sea of Stars update – June 2013

Hi everyone, we have just released a new video update for Infinite Space 3: Sea of Stars! While a bunch of work is going on in the background and not quite ready to show, we couldn’t resist compiling a few choice bits of footage into a video clip. The new interfaces are really starting to make Sea of Stars feel like a game, and we continue to be excited about our artists’ efforts. Be sure to watch the video in HD for maximum effect!

As you may remember, we exceeded our funding goal by over $6000. After all the little fees we were still above $30,000. We are putting some of the extra money to use by recruiting another 3D artist, who will help in the production of starships and other models. Jami has been busy working on these as well, so we expect to be able to show off our growing fleet of ships in the next update.

We’ll be releasing further updates roughly on a monthly basis, more regularly once we get closer to release. Watch this space!

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