Sea of Stars development update #23

Happy New Year from Digital Eel!

While we were hoping to have released a v1.0 by now, we have been making good progress recently. The current, just-released version of Sea of Stars (Early Access) now includes the first large “quest” event that randomly occurs and throws you into a desperate struggle to save your homeworld from an extra-galactic invader. (You may get to save some other folks’ homes along the way.) Also, with the amount of content now exceeding what can fit on the starmap in one game, the mix of alien races appearing in each session is randomized to help make the game different each time you play.

We’re also very happy to announce that Henry Kropf, who recently helped us re-release Weird Worlds on Mac OS X, is now working on Sea of Stars for the Mac! If all goes well, we’ll have it running by the time the PC version comes out, and released soon afterward if not at the same time.

Have a great year and watch the skies!

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