It’s a November Surprise! Infinite Space Battle Poker is here!

Digital Eel is pleased to announce the release of Infinite Space Battle Poker, a new hybrid cardgame that plays like poker but fights like a clash between alien starships. Want to know more?

Choose any poker variant that ends with a five card showdown, like five card draw, or stud, or our favorite, Anaconda (a point scoring system is also included). Then vie for control of Infinite Space–well, the card table, anyway–with an array of starships, alien leaders, mercenaries, enemies–even alien artifacts, like the ship-shattering Chromium Gong.

Obviously, these aren’t merely space-themed ordinary cards. Infinite Space Battle Poker is a whole new, unique deck.

Infinite Space Battle Poker features starships, characters and items drawn from the universe of the Infinite Space computer games: Strange Adventures in Infinite Space, Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space and, particularly, Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars.

You can order Infinite Space Battle Poker for $9.99 HERE. (Add $1.00 for a clear plastic deckbox.) Remember, if it worked for Prince Arcturus, it can work for you!

Infinite Space Battle Poker card artwork and layout are by Iikka Keranen, JP Farquar and Denis Loubet. The cards are manufactured by DriveThruCards.

Please note: Special eel hugs and heartfelt thanks go out to all of the fine folks who supported the ISBP Kickstarter campaign!

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