Eat Electric Death! Lives

What’s this about? Eat Electric Death! is our starship combat boardgame set in the Infinite Space universe. It was created in 2007 but has never been published. Now, with the help of Andrew Tullsen and Print and Play Productions, we’re able to offer a very special hand-crafted edition of the game with its original art for a close-shave price of $45. However, note that until November 1, the introductory price is only $40. Thanks, Andrew!

Eat Electric Death! is a “beer and pretzel game,” easy to pick up and play and chock full of the kind of explosive action we see in space science fiction movies and TV shows. Replayability is always important to us so lots of scenarios and special setups are included. Essentially, if you like old school turn based tactical games that are played on a hex grid and involve throwing lots of dice, you’ll enjoy Eat Electric Death!

This is exciting for us, and more information will appear here soon (including an additional special offer). Meanwhile, get the scoop from the Digital Eel news page and the details (description, component details, game images, etc.) from the Eat Electric Death! order page. Also, you can view the whole kit and kaboodle in one image here, and here you’ll find a 1280×1024 box top image. Go see and stay tuned!

UPDATE: View and download the Eat Electric Death! rules here.


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