And Lo! ‘Tis the Steam holiday sale!

Seasons Greetings from Digital Eel!

When there’s a nip in the air, snowflakes are dancing happily on the tip of your nose and you hear the jingling sound of Santa’s sleighbells, you know it’s either time to check in to the local nuthouse, or it’s time for the Steam holiday sale. Fortunately, you are not insane.

Beginning today, Thursday, December 22nd, and continuing until Wednesday, January 4th, INFINITE SPACE III: SEA OF STARS (fully patched and updated) and WEIRD WORLDS: RETURN TO INFINITE SPACE (the hybrid space roguelike that started it all) have been joyfully discounted (Ho ho ho!) and are available for your holiday bemazement from Steam.

Pro tip: Digital Eel games are the perfect relaxation activity for the inevitable after-meal digestive torpor.

Please note that Digital Eel games are alien-tested and approved for KIDS, TEENS, ADULTS and all reasonably intelligent LIFEFORMS across the galaxy.

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