Weird Worlds Community Mods

Need more infinity in your infinite space?  Fortunately, the universe is always expanding.  Check out the best Weird Worlds mods the community has produced, as chosen by players of the game.  These imaginative and challenging variants and conversions provide endless hours of entertaining play.

Please note that we can’t support user-created mods.  However, we have scanned all the files linked below to make sure they are free of malware, viruses and starnacles.

In order to install a mod, simply extract the zip file into the folder where you installed Weird Worlds.  This should create a new sub-folder within Weird Worlds.  You will then be able to select the mod in the Weird Worlds launcher interface.

The Babylon Project
By Graeme Henson & Guy Hagen
Download: Version 2.60

By Rolfe Bergstrom
Download: Version 4.1

Enterprise D & Defiant Mod
By Nick West
Download: Version 1.0

Even Weirder Worlds
By Jeremy Johnson
Download: Version 1.02

Rebel Alliance
By Charlie Cooper
Download: Version 1.62

The Sword of Inevitable Righteousness
By MajorDiarr
Download: Beta 5a

Teeming with Life
By Rolfe Bergstrom
Download: Version 1.4.2